Strata Consulting and Shared Services Ltd. was established at the initial stage of the 2008 economic crisis to service companies in their needs for cost reduction in their sustaining activities for operation in the highly complex business and statutory environment in Brazil. Both national and mainly foreign companies, attracted by Brazilian investment programs, face growing difficulties to keep their administrative costs at a sustainable level and their teams updated regarding constantly changing requirements. Outsourcing through shared services is certainly the better approach to solve the equation.

We have, then, established Strata’s Mission as an organization:
. To provide consulting and execution to all supporting activities of our clients´ organizations, either merely statutory or administrative, therefore not related to their Operational activities.
. To assure that the services provided are always intrinsically associated with the highest and broadest concepts of quality, respect to the environment and social development.
. To be a benchmark company in terms of customer and employee satisfaction.

Based on this mission, Strata has gathered a team of employees and associates with vast and sound work experience, mainly in multinational organizations, not only providing the most efficient solutions, but also offering a broad knowledge about our local statutory and administrative needs and the adequacy of the proposed solution to our business environment, most importantly in case of foreign companies not familiar with Brazil.

In order to obtain synergy and assure highly effective solutions three companies were merged into Strata, all of them with over 10 years in the Brazilian marketplace: Miranda Prattes & Gadelha Advogados S/C (Paralegal), NR Maranhão Contabilidade Ltda. (Accounting and Payroll) and ACS – Soluções em TI Ltda. (Information Technology).

Registration and Paralegal Division:
Registrations, certificates, permits, company and product registry to become a supplier of Government Agencies and State-owned Companies, registry and participation in bids for both domestic and foreign companies, registry and alteration of Articles of Incorporation in boards of trade, public documents, opening and closing branches and other related activities, originated from Miranda Prattes & Gadelha Advogados S/C. We can offer a single service or the management of part of or all the Paralegal activities of a company.

All the processes are updated online with access via internet providing better follow-up for customers.

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