In the market since 1989, through ACS Tecnologia da Informação Ltda., we have turned the use of IT into a competitive edge tool for our customers. Process implementation is supervised by us, assuring the control over each stage, avoiding discontinuity between the prior version and the new one.

All new projects are elaborated according to norms set in the PMBOK of the Project Management Institute (PMI), the most well-known world association of IT Project Management.

The main products and services are:
. implementation of own integrated system: ERP-Advance
. development of customized solutions
. development of IT infrastructure projects
. solutions for E-Commerce

ERP – Advance is an integrated system developed in Brazil with adequate framework to our environment. The data structure was designed to take advantage of the strictly regulated database of our business environment: fiscal notes (invoices), product and service entry/exit tax books and others, using them as a common basis to the 24 modules of the system. All modules are interfaced aimed at avoiding any data entry redundancy.

Modules have also been designed to provide evidence for ISO norms and for the US GAAP adjustments to SOX requirements, and for submission of accounting and tax PDBS (Brazilian SPED).

Amongst other, some characteristics of the ERP - Advance are:
. easy translation to foreign currencies;
. automatic generation of exchange gains and losses;
. several types of costing: average, standard, replacement etc;
. drawback control;
. financial statements consolidation;
. automatic noticing and change of Bill of Material in Engineering;
. equivalent codes for items and subsets in the composition of products;
. routing for Industrial Engineering;
. historical BOMs for aftermarket;
. automated generation of reports for statutory and fiscal purposes. Allows easy interface with PDBS (Brazilian SPED).

The Service Desk module is an exclusive feature of the ERP – Advance, which creates a sole point of contact between IT area and its users, both in LAN and via internet. This module is critical for application of the principles of Corporate Governance to the IT area.

Thanks to its optimized architecture, ERP – Advance allows – whenever necessary – customization for organizations´ unique and particular processes at a low cost.

Its 24 modules are divided into the following four process blocks (click on any item for functionality description):

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Entry Tax book
Exit Tax book
Fixed Assets
Human Resources
Call Center
Physical Inventory
Product Engineering
Industrial Enginnering
Engineering Changes
Quality Assurance

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