Services are provided in accounting area elaborating the local accounting as well as in translating it to foreign currencies using appropriate norms and procedures in accordance with either US GAAP or IFRS.

Therefore, based on the Chart of Accounts of the company, or even a Chart of Accounts developed by the company together with Strata, the daily booking, ledger, balance sheet, profit and loss and other accounting statements are performed. Using them, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports agreed between the parties can be provided. Due to the features (see IT Division), through data mining, “ad hoc” reports to meet specific and other possible needs of the company can also be provided. The client has remote access to the information and, if data input is made locally, the frequency in the making of the financial statements and management reports may be shorter, even on a daily basis.

Based on local accounting, translations to the consolidation currency of multinational companies are made. The financial statements and management reports in foreign currencies may be adjusted to the US GAAP or the IFRS requirements. The management reports, in addition to the translated versions of the ones prepared in local currency, will also include the proper reports for accounting in several currencies, such as: translation gains and losses, validation of the accumulated translation adjustment in the Balance Sheet (Exchange Proof), amongst others.

Submission to county, state and federal taxes agencies – monthly, quarterly or annually - can also be made by Strata: DIPJ (Declaration of Economic and Fiscal Information), Dacon, DIRF, Declan (Annual Declaration) and others.

The issuance of Electronic Fiscal Notes (invoices) and submission of the accounting and fiscal Public Digital Booking System (PDBS) – Brazilian SPED - are made through the easy mapping from our accounting software to the fields required by PDBS. The process analysis to implement PDBS and the validation of the mandatory registers (data fields), essential part of the requirements, is made by our Consulting Division.

Procedures to grant approvals for using fiscal credits both federal (like the “perd/comp”) and state ones can be advised by Strata coupled by the guidelines to submit petitions to State Development and other agencies. Similarly, Strata can also advise the settlement of the proper internal controls requirements to get other fiscal exemptions such as drawback, “Repetro”, and so on.

All procedures such as: hiring, dismissal, payment, statutory and registration reports required by the Labor Ministry, Social Security and the Internal Revenue Service are carried out by the Personnel Administration area of this division. Management reports, agreed with the client, related to employees, temporary workers, interns and service providers are also carried out. Personnel services are based on the Personnel Administration Module, which is entirely interfaced with Accounting and other modules of the System, therefore without any data entry redundancy.

Whenever required by current regulations or just by a choice of the customer the IFRS Standards – Brazil version can be implemented and the Transition Statements can also be provided avoiding in most cases the tax burden increase in the first two years.

Data entry may be executed from our offices as well as remotely from customers’ premises, in both cases under our responsibility. Similarly, most of the documentation may be under our safeguard or, after processing, all under customers’ safeguard.

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