The Consulting Division focuses on supporting the sustaining processes of companies´ operational activities and managing multidivisional shared services rendered by Strata. Processes implementation and optimization as well as shared services packages are administrated in Controllership (Accounting, Costs and Internal Controls), Finance, Tax, Paralegal, Human Resources and Information Technology areas.

Consulting is provided to companies designing and implementing new processes with focus in their own environment, analyzing interrelations with all other current ones. The optimization can be made by achieving defined targets for a specific activity, but, preferably, it will attempt to impact the area as a whole. It is pointless, in most cases, to have great isolated enhanced processes, that are not appropriately interfaced.

More efficient solutions can be achieved by associating the process implementation to the use of shared services to its whole or a part of it. In this case, the company environment may be more impacted. Our methodology aims at minimizing or even eliminating impacts that are not inherent to the new process. Cost and readiness in obtaining information in the new operational model will always be the two main critical points for decision about the degree of sharing.

In a nutshell, through our consulting programs and/or our shared services processes, we aim to set companies, whether small, medium-sized, national or multinational, free from the complexity of the statutory and administrative management in Brazil, which enables the Organization Management to run their business with clear focus on its Operations, supported by an effective and efficient management information system.

The shared services may be carried out in our premises and accessed online or some functions may be executed in the customers’ premises, such as Data Input, issuance of Electronic Fiscal Notes and the like, composing hybrid solutions for effective on-line access to information.

Support is provided to multinational organizations translating Financial Statements to foreign currencies according to US GAP or IFRS, analyzing and reporting exchange gains and losses, implementing SOX and SEC related processes and others. Our professionals are capable of explaining clearly the statutory needs in Brazil to multinational or domestic organizations, covering areas such as: tax system, Central Bank regulations, import and export regulations, labor system, Social Security system regulations, requirements for registering companies and products in Government Agencies and State-owned Companies and Paralegal requirements.

Our team members have extensive experience with both national and multinational companies – all of them with over 20 years experience in the market working as middle or top managers. Through the seniority of our team members, we aim at avoiding the repetition of enforced solutions that have proven inadequate to the Brazilian business environment.

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