Strata assists its customers in all aspects of the Paralegal area of organizations already established Brazil, desiring to set up operations, even those without any local presence which may want to enter specific activities in the country.

Hence, assistance and legal support is provided for obtaining the necessary documentation (registrations, certificates, permits and others) for:
. opening and closing companies and branches;
. determining, fixing and maintaining the necessary documentation to their business activities;
. enabling participation in Government Agencies bids or State-owned Companies bids;
. annual filing to participate in Government Agencies and State-owned Companies bids;
. registering and filing of products with Government Agencies and State-owned Companies, even if the customer does not have direct local presence.

Our own methodology allows process administration and control whether a customer needs an individual item or entire management of all the Paralegal and related areas. Through our Paralegal software, the customer contracts and follows the status of the process online using their password to access their own database which assures entire information confidentiality. The Acceptance Contract and the General Conditions for Providing Services set, beforehand, the duties and the rights between contract in a clear and transparent manner. Click here to access.

Our team is continuously trained in order to assure not only its updating in the necessary requirements demanded by the Government Agencies and State-owned Companies, but also to recommend the best option for settling liabilities required to obtain registrations, certificates, permits and other documents.

Some of the certificates that can be obtained, amongst others, are the following:
. Federal Justice;
. Internal Revenue Service;
. Labor Justice;
. Board of Trade;
. Simplified Status;
. Civil Distributor;
. Criminal Distributor;
. Execution of the sentence;
. Foreclosure Distributor;
. Bankruptcy and Composition with Creditors (Chapter 11);
. Real State;
. Legal Cases Status Report;
. State Acquittance;
. Municipal Acquittance;
. Service Tax Acquittance;
. Federal Acquittance;
. Birth;
. Marriage;
. Death;
. Notarized Debt Status;
. Notarized Protest Status;
. Notarized Real State Status;
. Titles and Documents;
. Real State Tax;
. Security Tax;
. Fair Market Value;
. FGTS (Government Severance Indemnity Fund for Employees);
. Social Security Contribution Clearance;
. Rural Land Tax;
. Brief Report Card;
. Fiscal Debt Finding;
. Service Tax Debt Finding;
. Municipal Real State Tax Debt Finding;
. Others.

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